"NFT Revolution" exhibition in Riyadh (Next World Forum)
Exhibition "NFTs and crypto-aesthetics" at Institut Français in Casablanca (Morroco)
Exhibition "Historique!" at Institut Français in Cameroon
Exposition "French Digital Touch" à Hong Kong
Keynote at the French Institute annual event
Exhibition at French Institue Alliance Française in New York (NFT.NYC)
Cryptoart Revolution, Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) 3 Year Anniversary
Barometer of French confidence in digital technology
"The art beyond the hype" at NFT Paris
Let's discuss about Cryptopunks and cryptoart at Sotheby's
NFT classes for the French Ministry of Culture
NFT (R)évolution symposium
Forum "Entreprendre dans la culture"
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Introduction or advanced training to cryptoart, NFTs and Metaverse.


Advice on the best strategy and partners for your web3 project.

Art Collection

Advice and support to create or enrich private and corporate cryptoart collections.


Curation et commissariat d’exposition, conception de projets artistiques spéciaux avec des cryptoartistes.

Our Team

Artiste, collectionneur, curatrice d’expositions, conseil en art

Collector, founder of the Museum of Crypto Art, advisor on art and Metaverse.

Collector, co-curator of the Museum of Crypto Art, marketing and cryptoart advisor

0x4rt in the media

Exhibitions, training, talks on cryptoart, NFTs and the Metaverse…

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