Cryptoart Revolution, Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) 3 Year Anniversary
Barometer of French confidence in digital technology
"The art beyond the hype" at NFT Paris
On discute cryptoart chez Sotheby's
NFT classes for the French Ministry of Culture
Colloque NFT (R)évolution


We offer a simple and clear introduction to cryptoart, NFTs and Metaverse.


We know the ecosystem perfectly. We will help you find the right contacts or the best strategy for your project.

Art Collection

A nous trois, nous possédons un musée dans le Metavers et plus de 2000 NFT. Faites appel à nous pour monter ou enrichir votre collection.


We organized the 1st cryptoart exhibition in France. We can curate your event.

Our Team

Artist, collector, exhibition curator, art consultant

Collector, founder of the Museum of Crypto Art, art and Metaverse consultant

Collector, co-curator of the Museum of Crypto Art, marketing consultant

0x4rt in the media

Exhibitions, training, talks on cryptoart, NFTs and the Metaverse…

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