Albertine is a digital artist, an NFT collector and curator, and a cryptoart advisor and trainer.

As an artist, she has been practicing digital art since 1998, and is particularly inclined to use the Internet as a raw material. His works question, in a critical and playful way, the major Internet players such as Google.

Her many technical, aesthetic and conceptual skills have allowed her to explore this essential poetry and aesthetics of the network. She cultivates minimal forms, which can sometimes seem "tinkered", but she voluntarily moves away from the hyper-technical nature of digital installations.

Her favorite themes are the aesthetics of the Internet, its materiality and materialization, but also the endless accumulation that results from the digital format.

In 2020, she fell into NFTs! She started as a collector and created Cryptoart works, mainly on SuperRare.

Since 2019, Albertine has been working with the Avant Galerie Vossen art gallery as Digital Advisor, co-curator of Infinite Skulls, an exceptional exhibition with contemporary painter Ronan Barrot and artificial intelligence artist Robbie Barrat.

In 2022, Albertine was an advisor to the Avant Galerie Vossen on the first exhibition dedicated to #TRASHART in France, co-curated by the American artist ROBNESS, leader of this artistic movement.

With Thuy-Tien and Benoit, she supports the French cryptoart scene and the concept of New French Touch, which aims to promote French cryptoart artists internationally.