Benoît is one of the first NFT/Cryptoart collectors in France.

In 2018, he founded the Museum of Cryptoart (MoCA), a native metaverse museum where he curates MoCA's permanent collection with Thuy-Tien.

Benoît is an active and influential member of the international cryptoart and metaverse communities since 2018. He has largely contributed to the recent developments of the cryptoart / NFT art scene in France. He engages with leading French and international crypto artists on a regular basis.

He is identified as a reference speaker for panels and conferences related to Metaverse, NFTs and cryptoart.

Benoît is also a co-founding partner of NFT Factory.

With Albertine and Thuy-Tien, he supports the French cryptoart scene and the concept of New French Touch, which aims to promote French cryptoart artists internationally.