Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

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Because we have an indisputable precedence and we know how "web3" works. It's a complex ecosystem, totally different from what we know.

Our experience is a game-changer when it comes to choosing the best solution.

Ask other consulting firms for how long they have been in web3 before choosing them!

Benoît is one of the very first collectors of cryptoart / NFT. He founded the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) in one of the very first metaverses, in 2018. He is also a founding partner of NFT Factory.

Albertine is a renowned digital artist but also a compulsive NFT collector. She created the DataDada movement.

Finally, Thuy-Tien comes with her marketing background and experience on branding. Also a collector of cryptoart, she participates in the life of the MoCA and enriches the collection. She handles all events, whether in the metaverse or in “real life” like Cryptoart Revolution.

We work for individuals as well as institutions.

With us, there is no "junior" nor "senior" consultant, we work together as a team.

Therefore, you will have tailor-made services, at a level of expertise that you will rarely find in other consulting companies.

Yes, we can teach anyone!

Whether you are just curious, or collectors, companies or public organizations, we can train you and train your staff or your external audiences.

Of course!

We would be delighted to advise you on building a collection that suits you, whether for a private or institutional collection.

Here's why:

Benoît has one of the most representative collections of cryptoart, with a majority of works by OGs (“Original Gangsters”: the founding artists of the movement).

Albertine is a compulsive collector, she is also a reknowned digital artist and therefore she knows what she's talking about 😉

Finally, Thuy-Tien is the fun side of MoCA (Museum of Crypto Art), she is interested in new artists and photography.

Of course!

We are the creators of “Cryptoart Revolution”, the first cryptoart exhibition in France.

MoCA, the museum founded by Benoît in the Metaverse, exhibits a selection of works from its permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

We will advise and help you to create your exhibition, whether with works from our collection of more than 2000 NFTs, or works selected especially for your event.

And we can also provide you with exhibition halls in the Metaverse.

French and English.

Thuy-Tien and Benoît lived in the United States and worked in international companies.

In addition, our Twitter accounts are in English because this is how we communicate with with the cryptoart community, which comes from all over the world.

“0x” (zero – x) are the first two characters of Ethereum wallets.

“4rt” comes for “Art”.

Pronounce it « O-X-ART ».

Don't say 33, but say « O X ART »!